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MC and Iron Compared

F.Cortes, G. Castillo. Comparison between the dynamical properties of polymer concrete and grey cast iron for machine tool applications. Materials & Design. Volume 28, Issue 5, 2007, Pages 1461–1466.

In this paper, the complex modulus of polymer concrete and grey cast iron materials are measured and compared in a frequency range up to 160 Hz. The technique that was employed for the complex modulus identification uses the transient response of beam like test specimens. In contrast to the logarithmic decrement technique, the proposed method utilises some hundreds of measurement points for parameters identification by curve fitting making use of the Nelder–Mead minimization algorithm. The results along the chosen frequency range are obtained making use of specimens of diverse geometry. From these experimental data the higher damping capacity of the polymer concrete with respect to the grey cast iron is evidenced within this frequency range, typically excited in machine tool applications.