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Mineral Casting/Mineral Composite

Mineral composite material is known as mineral casting, polymer concrete, resin concrete, ultra-high performance concrete, epoxy concrete, artificial granite (AG), epoxy granite, or artificial stone, which is a formulation of a high strength epoxy resin or cement system mixed with scientifically blended granite particles and some reinforcements. ...

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Features of Mica’s Mineral Castings

·  Raw materials:  with the unique ‘JinanQing’ granite particles as aggregate, which is world famous for high strength, high rigidity and high wear resistance;

·  Formula:  with the unique reinforced epoxy resins and additives, ...

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Material Properties

Our mineral casting is with high vibration absorption, excellent thermal stability, attractive production economics, high accuracy, short lead times, good chemical, coolant, and oil resistantand, and most competitive price. The following table shows the properties of these materials and compared them with that of iron and steel.

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