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Welcome to Mica

Mica Advanced Materials Corporation (Mica, Micaam) manufactures precision mineral castings,industrial ceramics and JinanQing natural granite components for a variety of industries and applications of the international markets.

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Advanced Materials

Mica mineral castings adopt unique JinanQing granite particles as aggregate and have special exclusive reinforced formulations with intellectual property rights, which guarantee Mica castings' highest mechanical and chemical properties.

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Optimum Design

Our expert team will find the best total solutions for your special needs based on our materials, grouting processes and optimum structural design. Most of new products will be analysed by finite element method systems.

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Precision Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility includes large production workshop, automated grouting system and a series of CNC machines, which are operated in the temperature and humidity controlled halls to ensure highest quality and accuracy.

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Total Quality Control

All Mica mineral casting components are manufactured by specialist staff of our factory. The entire process from the raw materials screening to the actual casting process, through to final finishing is subject to rigorous procedures.

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Being Widely Used

Mineral casting has been successfully applied in many areas as an advanced material instead of traditional metals, such as precision machine tools, laser machines, measuring instruments, electronic equipment...

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Full Services

Mica can provide full services for all our products including mineral castings and granites. All departments from management, research and development to production and inspection, will respond our customers' special needs.

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Mineral Casting/Mineral C…

Mineral composite material is known as mineral casting, polymer concrete, resin concrete, ultra-high perform...

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Features of Mica’s Minera…

·  Raw materials:  with the unique ‘JinanQing’ granite particles as aggregate, which is world famous for hig...

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Material Properties

Our mineral casting is with high vibration absorption, excellent thermal stability, attractive production ec...

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We can design materials and componet structures for our customers according to their special requests. The structures are always...

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New Release

High Precision Testing Line

High Precision Testing Line

Mica newly developed a high-precision test line, which is about 60m in legth and made of Jinanqing granite. It is for the calibration of measurement instruments, product testing and monitoring, and represents the highest level of measurement and te...

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Precision Ceramics

We have also dedicated to the manufacturing of ceramic material and the precision machining of industrial ceramic parts, which has high resistance to wear & corrosion, very low thermal expansion,... Read more

“JinanQing” Natural Granite

If you still want to adopt natural stone, we can also use our unique, high strength and high wear resistance “Jinan Green” granite as raw material to design and manufacture... Read more

Mineral Casting

Even though you are using cast iron, cast steel, fabricated weldments, or ceramic and natural granite, we can still design and manufacture components for you with mineral casting to dampen... Read more

Filled Weldment and Iron Casting

We can fill weldments and iron castings with our special mineral composites, and offer the benefit of mineral casting for vibration damping without the cost of mold, quick turnaround and... Read more

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