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Mineral Casting

Even though you are using cast iron, cast steel, fabricated weldments, or ceramic and natural granite, we can still design and manufacture components for you with mineral casting to dampen vibration and achieve high-precision production and maximum productivity.

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Filled Weldment and Iron Casting

We can fill weldments and iron castings with our special mineral composites, and offer the benefit of mineral casting for vibration damping without the cost of mold, quick turnaround and low cost compared to cast iron and cast aluminum.

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“JinanQing” Natural Granite

If you still want to adopt natural stone, we can also use our unique, high strength and high wear resistance “Jinan Green” granite as raw material to design and manufacture stone components, which can be as precise and stable as measuring instruments.


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Precision Ceramics

We have also dedicated to the manufacturing of ceramic material and the precision machining of industrial ceramic parts, which has high resistance to wear & corrosion, very low thermal expansion, high thermal & electrical resistance, and high dielectric strength.

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