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Features of Mica’s Mineral Castings

·  Raw materials:  with the unique ‘JinanQing’ granite particles as aggregate, which is world famous for high strength, high rigidity and high wear resistance;

·  Formula:  with the unique reinforced epoxy resins and additives, different components using different formulations to ensure optimal comprehensive performance;

·  Mechanical properties:  the vibration absorption is about 10 times that of cast iron, good static and dynamic properties;

·  Physical properties:  density is about 1/3 of the cast iron, higher thermal barrier properties than metals, not hygroscopic, good thermal stability; 

·  Chemical properties:  higher corrosion resistance  than metals, environmental friendly;

·  Dimensional accuracy:  linear contraction after casting is about 0.1-0.3㎜/m, extremely high form and counter accuracy in all planes;

·  Structural integrity:  very complex structure can be cast, while using natural granite usually requires assembling, splicing and bonding;  

·  Slow thermal reaction: reacts to short term temperature changes is much slower and much less;

·  Embedded inserts:  fasteners, pipes, cables and chambers can be embedded into the structure, inserts materials including metal, stone, ceramic and plastic etc.