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About Mica

National Torch Program Specialized New Material Industrial Base

        Mica Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development and manufacture of mineral composite materials (Mineral castings), precision ceramics, and natural granites, which can be used instead of traditional metals and weldments for a variety of industrial applications such as precision machine tool beds. Mica’s manufacturing facility includes large constant temperature and humidity production workshop, automated grouting system, multi-frequency vibratory tables, and a series of CNC machine tools. The quality inspection department is equipped with a universal material testing system and many sophisticated gauges such as electronic levels and laser interferometers. Mica's Research and Developments Center is co-established with the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shandong University. This collaborative research center can link faculty expertise with Mica’s needs, and can provide a focal point for joint research in areas that are core and critical to mica's long-term strategy. Mica’s management is composed of senior experts in material and mechanical fields, and makes Mica a world-class manufacturer of mineral castings and ‘JinanQing’ natural granite parts and assemblies. 

        Mica's mineral casting is with the unique ‘JinanQing’ granite particles as aggregate, which is world famous for high strength, high rigidity and high wear resistance. The products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification.