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(1)  What is the minimum wall thickness?

In general, the minimum section thickness for machine tool base should be at least 60mm. Thinner sections like 10mm thick can be cast with fine aggregate size and formulation. 

(2)  How about the chemical resistance? 

The epoxy binder wraps each granule of fillers, it offers excellent resistance to most acids, alkalis and cutting fluids used by machine tools.

(3)  What size components can you cast?

We can cast as large as 6 tones of structural components now. We can cast larger one when the ordered equipment is in place. 

(4)  How precise can your parts reach?

The shrinkage after casting is about 0.1-0.3mm/m. When more precise components are required, tolerances can be achieved by secondary grinding, lapping, or other machining processes.

(5)  How to reduce the weight of mineral casting parts?

Adopting high performance material and optimum structural design, the weight of casting part can be decreased dramatically. We have 2 mineral composites, i.e. Micaam-PC and Micaam-CC, for different applications. The former has higher tensile strength, the later one with higher compressive strength and Young’s modules. Almost parts we produced have been analyzed by static and dynamic finite element system and designed with optimum technology. 

(6)  How about your materials' creep?

Naturally, all materials have creep deformation. But our material is with very low creep rate. We can also do thermal-mechanical coupled Finite Element Analysis for our mineral castings. Based on the FEA results, we can adopt optimum desgin for the structure to avoid extra deflection.